Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Shantala Massage

Petit's Moisturising Massage Gel has been formulated to be used on baby while performing the highly beneficial Shantala massage technique.

Shantala is an ancient Indian massage technique for babies and toddlers using gentle rhythmic strokes to stimulate the child's senses. French obstetrician Dr. Frederique Leboyer, introduced Shantala massage to the Western World with his book Loving Hands – the traditional art of baby massage. Whilst in India, Leboyer met a mum, Shantala, who massaged her children in the way she was taught by her mum. Massaging babies and children is part of the Indian tradition. Laboyer was intrigued by the fact that babies seemed to be thriving despite their third world conditions, on closer inspection he made the connection between the contented infants and the regular massages they were given by their mothers. Through regular massages they give their babies and children a better chance of survival. Children grow up being stronger and healthier, physically as well as emotionally. In his book, Dr. Leboyer states that regular massages are as important to an infant as food and sleep is.

Moisturising Massage Gel was developed specifically to help parents soothe and hydrate their babies skin while fostering a deeper emotional connection through massage. Shantala is very easy to learn and because there is no muscle manipulation is extremely safe to use on all babies and toddlers.

The main ingredient of the Moisturising Gel is Linden Blossom Oil, chosen because of its soothing effect on skin, this naturally derived botanical is known to relieve tension, anxiety and aids sleep. It also helps to calm restless and excitable children and is a good remedy for conditions associated with colic.

Combining Petit Enfant Moisturising Massage Gel with the simple and gentle rhythmic movements of Shantala can have the following positive effects:

    relax and calm baby;
    increase babies sense of feeling loved;
    boost self-esteem;
    promote better sleep patterns;
    protect babies immune system;
    help digestion;


Lady Lynn's Boutique said...

Wow! Great information! I will pass this on to my daughter.

The Muse said...

ooooo...This was interesting...I am sending this blog to my daughter in law :) !!!!!

KellyKim said...

Dear Chrissy,
This baby gel is look so sweet!!
I love the designs! So pinky ;)
Thanks for sharing.
I am going to keep this sweet item in mind maybe might order from you later.

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The Muse said...

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