Thursday, July 29, 2010

{Winter 2011} Angel Dear

Winter 2011 by Angel Dear is a bountiful harvest of new styles in delicious colours, scrumptiously soft textures, huggable silhouettes and picture-perfect details.

Signature cozy sweater knits are joined by updated collections in softest cotton. New looks include vintage-inspired screenprints for boys and a floral print with European flair for girls.

Our ongoing commitment to Organic choices is interpreted for winter in clean, modern shapes and a chic palette.

Special subtle details complete every look, reflecting the wearable luxury for which Angel Dear is known. Tempting gift choices for Winter 2011 include an expanded assortment of cleverly boxed gift items and sets.

This season there are sweet new faces in our must have animal blankies assortment. The Angel Dear blankie is Baby’s most essential favourite, a must to have on hand at all times... or else! Angel Dear blankies are treasured for their irresistible softness and comforting personalities --- mums buy multiples, just in case.

Apparel, accessories and best-loved gifts featuring keepsake quality that makes a lasting impression --- the gift of Angel Dear.

For wholesale catalogue and prices please contact us!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

{Your Invited} Ava's Tea Party!

The idea of Ava's Tea Party was born to remember a little princess Ava Rosemeyer (2003 - 2007) to mark her birthday with cupcakes and spotty plates and time spent with those we love.  A day to remember a beautiful girl.

This year, Details Details, got in touch with their own ideas about how to make Ava’s Tea Party even more ‘beauty full’. They invited nine amazing designers to create their own tea party invitations, with Ava in mind, called "The Beauty Full Collection". They then put together the perfect kit for people to host their own ‘Ava’s Tea Parties’ with all things sweet and spotty.

Ava's Tea Party is all about taking time, making time, to love and laugh with those you love.

be glad
give thanks
and cherish

Ava's Tea Party is celebrated around August 22nd each year.  It doesn't need to be fancy, it just needs to be - for you, for them, for Ava.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

{Winter 2011} New Range from Bobinette!

We are pleased to unveil the new winter 2011 range from Bobinette. 

Bobinette is a cosmopolitan collection of boys and girls clothing that draws inspiration from designer Lorraine Le Tac’s Paris upbringing. Seamlessly blending elegant French style with vibrant colours and playfulness, Bobinette is available in sizes for newborns to 8 years old for boys and 6 months to 4T for girls.

The designer of the Bobinette range has now expanded into organic cotton baby layette all in royal blue and grey hues (suitable for premmies and newborns).

Inspired by a rainy weekend in the French countryside, Bobinette‘s fall collection is versatile and ideal for parents seeking stylish boy clothing in sizes newborn to 8 years. Bobinette‘s collection features organic layettes, flannel shirts, corduroy pants, print dresses, fleece jackets, and more.

I like the two Milo plaid shirts, they are soft, warm and comfortable yet stylish with pearls and snaps and shoulder straps details,” said designer Lorraine Le Tac, when asked about her favourite pieces from the fall collection.

The boys’ shirts can easily go with jeans or cords for a dressed-down look or for a slightly more dressy look the Elliott shirt in blue stripes or the Spencer in black print.

Also available from Bobinette are these gorgeous hand-knit cats and bears made wool yarn remnants from France.

Bobinette winter 2011 is now available for wholesale orders from Petit.  If you need any further information on the Bobinette winter 2011 range please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

{Press} Bobinette & Angela Frost

Two of our great brands have been in the press lately.

Bobinette was featured in the "Mom" Magazine (USA) in a fashion shoot.  Doesn't the little boy look so cute in the Bobinette Clovis Shirt!

Angela Frost "Lace Icing with Sprinkles" strawberry leggings appeared in the Earnshaw's Magazine (USA).

Thursday, July 15, 2010

{Review} Petit Enfant Massage Gel

Our Petit Enfant Massage Gel has had some great reviews on Bizziebaby site.  What is even better is that the Massage Gel was reviewed by real mums on their babies and a 4/5 rating is not too bad at all!!

This is what they had to say -

*  Product Tested By Amy Bloyd - Russell Aged 4 Years
When this arrived it looked like it was from a classy shop. Lovely packaging. The massage oil seemed a little sticky at first but dried beautifuly. When applied was absorbed quickly. Certainly had a lovely smell and did not cause Russell to have any allergic reactions and did not irritate the skin. I certainly found this massge oil great for dry skin, and enjoyed using as massage oil as comforting for Russell. I used this massage oil once a week and really loved it. A product I will certainly keep on using. This is a nice smelling oil and when absorbed into the skin leaves a lovely smell, perfect to put on after bathing Russell. Amy Bloyd - Russell Aged 4 Years

Amy Awarded The Petit Enfant Massage Gel 4/5

*  Product Tested By Miryam Gutierrez - Baby Jazmin 10 Months
This is a beautifully packaged massage oil and the dispenser on the bottle is very easy to use. The oil is easily absorbed into the skin when applied and dries quickly. When using the oil on Jazmin would leave her smelling lovely. This massage oil is soft and gentle on Jazmin and never caused any reaction or irritation. Was a great massage oil to use and kept Jazmin's dry skin under control. Would use this oil weekly and helped to keep Jazmin's skin soft and smooth. This is a Quality product, superb value for money and I will be purchasing more. Loved it and have told lots of friends about the Petit range. Miryam Gutierrez - Baby Jazmin 10 Months

Miryam Awarded The Petit Enfant Massage Gel 4/5

* Product Tested By Angela Dalgleish - Ethan Aged 1 Year
First impression very nice product and probably something I would not have purchased myself. A treat. Packaging was very pleasant and was very easy to use even when your hands were oily. Very easy to apply and spread really evenly. I did find it would take a while to absorb at first, but may have put too much on first time. It had a really pleasant smell, not too overpowering. This was a very effective gel and would leave Ethan's skin feeling a lot softer. Ethan does suffer from Excema occasionally and we used this every day for two weeks and it was great. Very rich and good quality oil. A lovely product and an ideal gift. It was delicate, smooth and made Ethan's skin softer and did not irritate at all. Angela Dalgleish - Ethan Aged 1 Year

Angela Awarded The Petit Enfant Massage Gel 4/5

Thank you to Bizziebaby for conducting the review on our Petit Enfant Massage Gel and to the mums who gave our product great reviews!


[Please note:  On the Bizziebaby site the price for our Petit Enfant Massage Gel is $15.98 this is an error it is $11.99]

{Promotion} It's in the Stars!!!

Give them a fun, personalised keepsake they'll love!

Are you into horoscopes?  Do you constantly read what the stars say about you or what day you are going to have?  Then this great business "It's in the Stars" is just for you!

Since 2005, It's In The Stars has delighted parents with its insightful luxury hardcover children's astrology reports.  First introduced to astrology by her grandmother when she was 12 years old, at 15, Elizabeth Ball was casting horoscopes for her friends who wanted to know if they were compatible with the boys they liked! At 23 she began a three-year stint of writing the monthly horoscope column for The Nippon View magazine for ex-pats in Japan. While working full-time in the publishing and marketing industries, she continued to do charts for friends and families – and write astrology-related articles – never considering it was possible to turn her passion for astrology into a business.
Elizabeth created a beautiful compatibility report for a friend who was getting married, and after people kept raving about it and the reports she'd also made for their children, realised that personalised astrology reports would make wonderful gifts for a range of gift-giving occasions.
BabyStars: the unique keepsake gift for parents!

BabyStars is an exciting and unique gift idea for birthdays, christenings, new babies and Mother's Day. This amazingly accurate, beautifully designed, easy to follow astrological "instruction manual" helps you understand your children better.

If you've ever wondered what your child might be like when he or she grows up, find out with BabyStars!

Discover your child's unique personality and potential. When your child is born, it is the planets which create their unique personality, but it is you and your family who shape your child's destiny. Provide the guidance and encouragement your child needs with the fascinating insights of a BabyStars report. You don't need to know anything about astrology to see how accurate your BabyStars report is!

Find out:

* How will they cope with school?
* What might they want to be when they grow up?
* How will they behave at home, with your family?
* Will they find it easy to make friends?
* What will they be good at? Shy or insecure about?
* What areas will you need to provide your guiding hand?
You'll love curling up reading the fun, fascinating and spot-on insights about your child in your 45-50 page BabyStars report.

If you need a last-minute baby gift or you want to know everything about your child right now - you'll gain instant understanding with an emailed BabyStars report!

A BabyStars emailed report is ideal for "Oops! I forgot to get them a present!" situations or when you just want to read about your child to get instant insights. Within 5 minutes your emailed report will give you a much clearer understanding about your child, along with amazingly accurate insights you can use right away.
Visit "It's in the Stars" and take part of their survey and receive a $20 gift certificate code towards a BabyStars or LoveStars astrology report just by doing a little survey they have on gift baskets!

So have you read your stars today????

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Little Linens on Dashin Fashion News

Happy to see that our range of Little Linens was featured on Dashin Fashion -

Little Linens Children's Clothing from the UK at Bubble London

Little Linens designs essential attire, created to make accessible wardrobe that can dress your little one for a celebration, on holiday or just for play...

Little Linens' unique express of individual and timeless style is encompassed in their new collection for boys and girls from birth to 16 years.

This season Little Linens introduces cool grays and white to the collection, buttons are made of mother-of-pearl, drilled from real seashells and garments are made using fine linen cloth, which has been washed to removed shrinkage and to make them wonderfully soft.

Monday, July 5, 2010

{In the Press} Bobinette Summer 2010!

Great to see that our Bobinette range of clothes for boys (and now for girls too) are making it in the pages of many magazines.  This time the "Buckaroo" shirt was featured in the Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine (July 2010 issue). 

As you can see, teamed up with a pair of jeans and some loafers the Bobinette range make any little boy look smart!

The Summer 2010 Bobinette range is available for purchase now (wholesale only).  Please contact us for more information.