Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Look good, feel good, smell good!!!

Finally, tweens (ages 9-12yrs) have grooming products of their own. Petit's complete line of personal care, developed exclusively for tweens caters just for them.

Tweens are energetic and moving all the time. When you think of your tween your probably think about how much they are changing. One day our kids go from smelling like baby powder to smelling like B.O. Nobody warns us and we have no idea what to do. Change happens very rapidly at their age and with this change comes the need for improved hygiene habits.

We constantly see products on the shelf for baby's and toddlers. But by the time our kids are tweens there are limited products to choose for them. Petit offers just the products they need and just when you need them the most.

Boys will be boys...but there is no reason why they can't smell and look fresh! We all love the little men in our lives, but not necessarily their body odour. Teaching them early about personal hygiene can only be seen as a positive, and will serve them well in later years. Filling a huge gap in the toiletries market our Petit Prince range provides boys with their own tailor made range. Our Body Spray / Deodorant with no aluminium and non-aerosal and our cologne are the perfect start to good grooming habits.

A luxurious range of toiletries designed specifically for the princesses-in-training! Our Petit Amour range helps girls stay fresh while teaching them the first important lessons about beauty and personal hygiene. Not only will it be a necessary purchase, but also a wanted one. Our non-aerosal and no aluminium body spray/deodorant with a scent so refreshing and matching perfume they are the perfect introduction for young girls starting the early years of puberty. It's never too young to start teaching personal hygiene. Fresh and fun, without the heady overpowering smell of older scents, this is just what your little lady is after!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


{Big Style for Little People}

ShopHouse is an online children's boutique offering designer kids clothing, accessories and unique gifts for children. They also have a great range of "Back School" products for kids with a variety of backpacks and lunchpacks to choose from.

Great for preschoolor, kindy or day trips!

These backpacks come in medium (26cm W x 34cm H x 9cm D) or large (31cm W x 40cm H x 10cm D).
These durable waterproof backpacks have adjustable straps and are PVC covered and lined. The large bags have a drink bottle holder, two front and one side pocket.

Matching accessories for the back packs are these great lunch bags. They come in medium (18cm W x 22cm H x 7cm D) and large (20cm W x 30cm H x 17cm D). The large lunchbox is PVC covered and thermal lined, to keep drinks cool and tasty treats fresh and secure. There is a side pocket that fits a drink bottle and the plastic drink bottle is included.
The medium lunchbox and are PVC covered and lined, to keep drinks cool and tasty treats fresh and secure.

Rainy days are so much fun when you're dressed to impress in these cool rain coats. PVC-covered to keep the water away and jersey-lined on the inside to feel soft and keep your child snug as a bug. Featuring a hood, deep side pockets and a groovy kid-friendly zipper.
ShopHouse are now offering free postage for Australia and New Zealand customers, just enter the code "petit09" to receive this great offer.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Eco-Friendly Products for School

Ever worry about the products you use to wrap your children's lunch. Well Tummytime have the eco-friendly wraps in all sizes to wrap children's lunches, snacks, etc.

4MyEarth® Fabrics that are used for the wraps and pockets, are manufactured under strict conditions to ensure that there are no harmful substances present while been manufactured and at the same time being conscious of our environment. The unique and environmentally friendly coating that is PVC Free keeps food fresh is non-toxic and is FDA approved. To ensure this they are manufactured so as to meet the Oeko-Tex 100 Standards which comprehensively addresses the Human Ecology component of textile products. It evaluates and screens for any harmful substances present within processed textiles intended to come into contact with consumers. With so many concerns with plastics and their effects on our bodies such as preservatives 320 & 321 4MyEarth® Fabrics are a great alternative to clip seal bags and plastic wrap.

These eco-friendly wraps come in different shapes and sizes and are perfect for sandwiches, muffins, biscuits. The Wraps are lightweight yet extremely strong and will stand up to being washed over and over again. These great wraps can also be used as placements.

Another great eco-friendly product for kids are these LEAD FREE COTTON LUNCH BAGS. These very cute lunch bags are non-insulated.

* 100% cotton with polyester lining;
*Small inside pocket for ice brick;
* Bag zips shut;
* Totally machine or hand washable and fast drying;
* Lead free;

So keep your kids safe and purchase these great eco-friendly products for school. Tummytime have 10% off RRP for the month of January 2009.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Sewing Fairy

Everyone’s own name is special, but for a child their name is precious. In this day of giving our children unique and wonderful names, it is often a challenge finding those special personalised gifts. Especially if you have unique spelling.

The Sewing Fairy is able to put any name in any language onto any of their varied items. Have a look at their range of Library Totes and Art Smocks.

All kids love borrowing books from the library whether it is your local public library or their school library. Why not give them a groovy personalised library tote to carry their books in? They have 2 styles of totes to choose from, you can have the one with the handles or have one with a draw string. Totes are fully waterproof lined & made from sturdy drill fabric in a rainbow of colours. Choose from pink, purple, blue green, yellow, red, orange & black. They can also make the colour scheme of your child's school.

Another great personalised product is the Art Smock. Kids love to create unique artwork masterpieces & they love getting messy in the process. The Personalised Art Smocks, complete with paint splats on the sleeve, can help to tame that mess but won't tame their creativity.
Made from sturdy cotton drill fabric, they have velcro closure on the back, elastic cuffed & a handy pocket on the front which is where their name is also embroidered.

They have also released a new product called Memory Stick holders* these are so handy to have on hand and have been a hit. These are also at an introudctory price of $6 each for the next 2 weeks. These are a great item for kids in highschool to store their memory sticks.

To help with the cost of sending the kids back to school The Sewing Fairy has the Library Totes and our Art Smocks on special for the next 2 weeks only. Also if you subscribe to their newsletter if you order both a library bag & an art smock you will receive a FREE memory stick holder. All you need to do is place your order & The Sewing Fairy will contact you regarding which design or name you would like on your FREE ITEM.

* Memory Sticks do not come with key ring

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My School Days

Searching for a system to store prized school mementos?
Do you want a simple journal to record childhood experiences and dreams?

Look no further, My School Days a Record Book is designed for the Australian school system from the first year of school (prep, kindergarten or reception) to Year 12.

Simple, fun prompts to record memories like favourite subjects, TV Shows and friends.

The pages form pockets for each year level to store artwork, stories, photos and report cards.

Milestone Press is a family owned and operated company that started after a fruitless search for the perfect baby book. Frustrated by books that were filled with photos of other people's babies, or illustrated with cartoon characters - they created their own, "A Book About Me". Following on from this success, they have since added "My School Days: A Record Book."

Milestone Press is offering 10% off RRP on all orders of the "My School Days" Book.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Back to School from Uniquekids

Our next feature for "Back to School" comes from Unique Kids where you can find something special for every child. Unique Kids has a great range of "Penny Scanlan" products for back to school - back packs, art smocks, lunch boxes and library bags.

The backpacks (large/medium) are big enough to fit all the essentials for school. Very functional, the bags are covered in PVC on the outside and plastic lined inside. The bags feature two pockets on the front and two side pockets, one designed to hold a drink bottle. With adjustable back straps and gorgeous design fabrics, these bags are stylish, yet practical.

The small lunch boxes are the ideal accessory for kindy, school or outings. Each lunch box is thermal lined and contains a net sleeve on the inside cover to hold smaller items. The outside of the lunch boxes are covered in PVC and are designed to fit inside the accompanying backpacks.

The funky library bags feature a handy drawstring top which can be pulled closed and carried on the shoulders like a back pack. The bags contain a clear window on the front for putting your child's name in. It is also lined with plastic inside to protect your valuables. Very versatile, they can also be used for swimming gear, at the beach, as a storage bag for kindy sheets, many school uses and as extra storage in the bedroom. The bags measure 40cm x 40cm. Match it with the medium or large backpack for the perfect set!!

Complete art and craft in style with the matching paint smocks. Featuring a pvc covered body with pink and white check material long sleeves, the paint smocks are ideal for protecting children's school uniform. Fully machine washable it is the ideal accessory for those messy days!!

Unique Kids are offering all our readers and customers 10% discount* on your purchase, just enter the code "petit" at the checkout!

* 10% discount applies to all Australia/New Zealand and international orders.

Friday, January 9, 2009

BoscoBear Personalised Labels

We all know how kids can loose things at school. Well BoscoBear have the most unique personalised labels. Get organised with their fabulous colourful labels. Water and heat safe, your child's possessions will not only look great, they will never get misplaced again.

To celebrate "Back to School" BoscoBear have a great FREE LABELS offer! Be organised for back to school with a FREE SHEET OF PERSONALISED LABELS courtesy of Bosco Bear. All you have to do is log on to enter your details and BoscoBear will send you a full page of durable, funky labels, ideal for lunchboxes, drink bottles, books, clothing etc. Easy to apply and water and microwave safe, BoscoBear’s personalised labels feature an enormous range of sizes, colours and characters. Perfect for nursery and through to high school- even the big kids are guaranteed to love them (this offer is only open to Australia/New Zealand residents)!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


We are so honoured to receive this award from Charmaine from "Beautiful Things to Share". Charmaine always has the most stunning ideas and products into decorating your home. Her style is classical and stylish. Please visit her blog and see for yourself. Thank you so much Charmaine for giving Petit this award.

The award states "This Blog invests and believes the Proximity- nearness in space, time and relationships! These blogs are exceedingly charming.. these kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self- aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. please give more attention to these writers!"

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bebabo - European Stationery for kids

Our first look at "Back to School" products come from from New Zealand. The bebabo team are a group of parents who visited europe several times and viewed an amazing selection of wonderful toys and accessories for children in stores. They were amazed with the quality of the products and were also impressed with the concept of all the toy producers. They believe that toys should be simple as in all aspects they should help children to be creative and to use their imagination. The reason they started bebabo is that it is their wish to combine the best toys and products for children in one store. With their great range of European products to choose from every boy and girl will love having these for school.

Haba Beetle & Horse Pencil Case - European pencil case stores all necessary writing and drawing tools. Included are 12 regular and 7 thick coloured pencils, 1 pencil, 1 ruler, 1 eraser, 1 double pencil sharpener and school time table. It also has a space for a fountain pen.

Haba beetle pencil box
This tin pencil box is very special. It comes with 2 pencils, 1 eraser, 1 note pad, 1 pensil sharpener, 1 ruler

Haba Beetle & Horse soft pencil case - these pencil cases (empty) will keep all your child's writing and drawing tools organized for school.

Djeco 10 felt brushes - creating a beautiful picture was never so easy as it is with this gorgeous and multi-functional felt marker set from Djeco. Each marker has two sides, one for brush-like strokes, the other for fine detail drawing and writing. The vibrant classic colours are flowing seamlessly in one bright bold palate. Simply pull off the caps and color away! The ten colors in the set include: black, purple, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, red and brown. The colours are easily transportable in a cardboard carrying case.

The team at Bebabo are kind enough to offer all our customers and readers 15% discount. Just enter the coupon code "petitjan2009 " to receive your discount, but hurry this offer is only valid till 21 January 2009.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!

Hi everyone and Happy New Year to you! Can you believe it 2009 is here already and back to work for most of us.

We have some great things coming up for Petit and our blog. For the month of January we will be looking at "Back to School" products for our kids. Wow, back to school, it was only a month a go we were all freaking out about Christmas presents.

We have teamed up with some great on-line stores to showcase their great range of products for school.
All the best!