Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Look good, feel good, smell good!!!

Finally, tweens (ages 9-12yrs) have grooming products of their own. Petit's complete line of personal care, developed exclusively for tweens caters just for them.

Tweens are energetic and moving all the time. When you think of your tween your probably think about how much they are changing. One day our kids go from smelling like baby powder to smelling like B.O. Nobody warns us and we have no idea what to do. Change happens very rapidly at their age and with this change comes the need for improved hygiene habits.

We constantly see products on the shelf for baby's and toddlers. But by the time our kids are tweens there are limited products to choose for them. Petit offers just the products they need and just when you need them the most.

Boys will be boys...but there is no reason why they can't smell and look fresh! We all love the little men in our lives, but not necessarily their body odour. Teaching them early about personal hygiene can only be seen as a positive, and will serve them well in later years. Filling a huge gap in the toiletries market our Petit Prince range provides boys with their own tailor made range. Our Body Spray / Deodorant with no aluminium and non-aerosal and our cologne are the perfect start to good grooming habits.

A luxurious range of toiletries designed specifically for the princesses-in-training! Our Petit Amour range helps girls stay fresh while teaching them the first important lessons about beauty and personal hygiene. Not only will it be a necessary purchase, but also a wanted one. Our non-aerosal and no aluminium body spray/deodorant with a scent so refreshing and matching perfume they are the perfect introduction for young girls starting the early years of puberty. It's never too young to start teaching personal hygiene. Fresh and fun, without the heady overpowering smell of older scents, this is just what your little lady is after!


Cat@3KidsandUs said...

I really need to look more into that for my son. He's 7 and just plain smells. (haha yes I admitted it).

The Muse said...

Wonderful...congratulations on your product expansion! :)
That's fab!!!