Friday, April 17, 2009

Petit Enfant Room & Clothes Mist

As much as there are lovely smells coming from your children, there are also some ‘ not so lovely' smells coming from their rooms and this spray mist will combat the unwanted smells easily.

The refreshing scent of orange blossom fragrance will freshen not only your baby's room but you'll want to use it around the whole house.

With an enchanting scent that is fresh and clean, the Petit Enfant Room & Clothes Mist fills baby’s room (or any room of the house) with an ever-so-light mist of orange blossom. The scent is not over powering, it is soft and gentle, like a newborn baby smell. Just a few short minutes and your whole room will be infused with this delicious scent, which has amazing lasting power.

Spray some in their wardrobes, on the bed cover, cushions, curtains anywhere in the house. Our Petit Enfant Room & Clothes Mist can be purchased on-line or from any of our stockists.
RRP $19.50 (240mls).


~Sandy~ said...

this stuff looks wonderful! thanks so much for entering my giveaway and posting it on your blog! i really appreciate it....have a wonderful weekend

Monica @ bpab said...

This spray sounds just up my alley! Our change area is in the playroom and I end up using the orange spray from the toilet to get rid of the pong.... I think your spray would be much better.
Thanks for stopping by Eye Spy today. I agree with you - natural stuff is sooo much better than the manufactured version. But everyone has their own preferences don't they? Some of us are a bit more crazy....

LisaLisa said...

Sounds like a gotta have product for most of us mom' lol

Natural products is much better anyway!

Babyjo Bamboo said...

Chriss - i love this idea, i am gong to have to stock up - Our little ones room is like Monica's - there is a definite Pong! love it love it love it!