Friday, May 1, 2009

I want to smell nice too Mummy!!!

Do you have little girls who constantly use your favourite (and very expensive) perfume? How many times have you gone to put perfume on and it's down to the last drop because your little princess has decided she wanted to "smell nice"!

Well now they can have their very own. Petit has a range just for them. Every little girl should have a bit of perfume to call her own, a bottle or two to spritz or dab on when she pleases. Our Petit Amour range of colognes is the perfect cologne for girls who want to "smell nice".

For their age group delicate florals are a better choice, as these frangrances are more subtle and gentle than heavier scents, which can become a bit overwhelming and not really appropriate for their age group. Perfume for youngsters is meant to be light and fun, the perfect accessory for divas in training. Petit's perfumes contain delicate floral notes mixed with a touch of sage leaves and galvano with delicate sprinkles of Italian Jasmine, narcissus, musk, moss and lilac.

Fragrances make a great gift for youngsters especially since kids often love the idea that they are "all grown up". Giving kids their own perfumes to play with will keep them from getting into Mommy's stash of fine fragrances -- we hope. Petit's colognes also come in gift packs with a Body Spray / Deodorant (non aerosol; no aluminium) which are also suitable for girls who are slightly older and who are just starting to try perfume for the first time.

Petit now have a 20% discount on all their perfumes. Just enter the code "petit" to receive your discount.


maryva said...

I´m following you from MBC under 100 Club.
I´m really like your products!! I´m following your blog actually.
Please, check ot my blog.

I can help with the Englis/Spanish market from my blog

The Muse said...

Precisely! Yes my grand~daughter loves her...used on SPECIAL days !!

She is growing so fast!

Thanks dear friend for stopping in to say hello, I have missed you as well!

Jen@born2impress said...

Hi there, following from the 100's club.
Come visit when you have a chance:)

Mommyof2girlz said...

Yes I do! C is always asking for my perfume when she see's me using it. I am passing on to you The Adorable Blog Award. Stop by and pick it up :)

Delightfully Wed's Weblog said...

I really like your products. I was the lucky winner of some of them in an iEmporium auction. The fragrance was just right. Lovely products!

Eleni said...

I have to say that my first born (8yrs)loves her own perfume 'Petit Amour' and the body spray. It's great she takes it every where just like mummy in her own bag!
ps I like the new look blog site!