Sunday, July 5, 2009

Babyjo Bamboo Wear

Babyjo Bamboo Wear
- Clothes of tomorrow for bubs of today

We have found another great company to introduce to our readers. Babyjo Bamboo Wear, an Australian owned range of organically grown 100% Bamboo fibre baby clothing. Made from bamboo, an eco friendly and environmentally sustainable material, babies are loving the feel and health benefits of Babyjo Bamboo Clothing.

Babyjo offer a gorgeous range of clothing essentials, gift sets for new arrivals, personalised handmade gifts and a beautiful range of 2 layer bamboo/organic cotton blankets for summer or winter. Bamboo Fibre has the most luxurious feel to it - almost like a cross between cashmere and silk and it "wicks" moisture away from the body to keep baby's skin clean and comfortable.

Why choose Bamboo Fibre?
Bamboo is fast becoming a well known organic option for clothing, and it’s no wonder, considering it has so many wonderful qualities:

* Organically grown
* Eco friendly - fastest growing plant on the earth and it improves soil quality as well
100% Biodegradable
* UV Protectant
* Softer than the softest Cotton imaginable (almost a cross between cashmere and silk)
* More breathable than cotton
* 60% more absorbent than cotton, yet fast drying.
* Wonderful for Eczema and allergy sufferers - Soothing the skin
* Wicks away moisture to keep you fresh and dry
* Odour resistant - great for babies!
* Naturally antibacterial and antifungal
* Washes and irons beautifully

These are some of the reasons why Bamboo is a great choice for you and your bub - what better way to start life?
Babyjo have a great range of clothing for your little one. Beautiful little bodysuits that can be worn under sleeping bags at night, on on their own during the day or under other clothing in very cold weather - bamboo acts like thermals do .

They also have a great range of blankets. The blankets are great as either a wrap for newborns, a cot blanket/throw or as a pram blanket. (Your child will love the feel of this so much, that it may just become their "blankie" that stays with them for life!)

Great for warm weather in summer, as you can still wrap baby, yet know that the blanket is breathable and thermo regulating - keeping baby cooler, or use it in winter to keep the heat in and bub warm and snuggly.

Babyjo are proud to present their new range of 100% Bamboo clothing, Pyjamas and blankets. The “Aiko” range of Pyjamas is available in both single and double layer, depending on your needs for warmth (or not) and their new range has a gorgeous Japanese accent to it, with kimono tie waisted rompers, bodysuits and tops.

Available online on July 11th.

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