Thursday, July 16, 2009

Scamps Boutique

Scamps Boutique is a home based online business and has been online since 2007. Scamps Boutique is a New Zealand company run by Louise, who created Scamps Boutique when her 1st daughter was a baby and found the love for cloth nappies but got so confused about where to start and even where to look! Louise found there was a lack of affordable earth friendly products and information for parents looking for natural alternatives for themselves and their families. And a result Scamps Boutique is one of the 1st New Zealand based stores selling cloth nappies.

Scamps Boutique specialise in New Zealand made cloth nappy, babywearing wraps and slings, cloth mama pads, natural baby skin care and hand made wooden toys for all ages. Most product stocked by Scamps Boutique is made locally within New Zealand by other parents. So you can be sure it has been tried and tested by Kiwi Kids.

Scamps Boutique is proud to announce the arrival of The Couture Nappy Collection – a beautiful new range of high fashion cloth nappies made from designer fabrics for a stylish and comfortable tushy.

Incorporating a hidden layer of ‘pul’ panels to prevent leaking and ensure reliability, these latest trendsetting nappies demonstrate outstanding performance while helping you to help the environment and buy New Zealand-made.

Scamps Boutique also stocks the required inserts for The Couture Collection pocket cloth nappies.

Funky, eyecatching and totally reliable.

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