Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Great feedback!!!!!

It is always great to receive positive feedback from our customers regarding our products.

"I wanted to share something with you about one of your products, the Petit Enfant Milk Cream - I purchased a bottle as E has really sensitive skin and we have to be really careful about the creams/soaps etc that we use so that his skin doesn't dry out. Especially with swimming lessons! So I thought that I would buy this one and give it a try... and I am so glad that I did. We have been using the cream daily and it's been fantastic - I honestly mean fantastic! No dryness at all and it''s returned to it's lovely silky smooth self."

Kind Regards Kylie - Cackleberry Kids x

"When my daughter went into grade 3 at school, her teacher suggested to all the children that it was time for them to learn about personal hygiene, and Yes that meant wearing deodorant, so as any mum would do, took her off to the supermarket and picked out the brand that I thought would be the most suitable for her delicate underarms. After about a week I noticed Jada walking around with her arms out, and when I asked her what was wrong, she said her underarms were hurting, after investigating I noticed her arm pits were heavily inflamed. She was most upset when I told her she would have to stop wearing the deodorant; she was very upset and thought she would be in trouble with her teacher. I am so glad we came across your products Petit Australia, your tween deodorant is great for her very sensitive skin, and she loves it. Her underarms have not been inflamed at all, and she feels very confident going to school wearing deodorant that doesn’t hurt.. Great product and we will definitely be back for more. Thank you"
Kind Regards
Kristin Kyle

Thank you!!!!!

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