Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Little Customers!

It's always great to receive great feedback regarding our products but the best part is to see the gorgeous smiles of our little customers.

I have to say that she is particularly taken with her Petit cologne and shampoo/conditioner and has been bragging to everyone who will listen about her very special "big girl" gifts. I know as soon as she wakes up each morning as I can smell the perfume wafting down the hallway from her bedroom as she sprays herself from top to toe in it! I had to actually take it from her and put it up in the cupboard to prevent her from wasting it as the rate she was going, it would be all gone by the end of the week! She is also begging to wash her hair every night which is amazing as I was flat out pushing to get her to allow me to wash it once a week before. Now, she is doing it herself and very proud of her efforts.

And her little man obviously enjoyed himself in the bath with our Petit Prince Shampoo/Body Wash and making himself smell nice with our Petit Prince Cologne!

We would like to thank Tanya of for sending us the pics of her gorgeous children!


Ankle Biters said...

Wow, those are some gorgeous looking kids there! ;) And yep, they are LOVING their Petit products!

Priscila said...

how cute!!! Love this!
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