Tuesday, March 30, 2010

HeartString Companion!

Here is a truly unique product: the HeartString Baby’s Companion, exlusively distributed by Petit, is designed as a breastfeeding aid, pendant, and teether, all in one. It is a touchable, tuggable, teethable product you can wear and baby can enjoy during breastfeeding or bottle feeding, as a teether, or just as another way to bond with baby. Likewise, Dad can wear it around his neck at feeding time to keep continuity between Mom feeding and Dad feeding, and also to keep baby interested. HeartString Baby’s Companion is non-toxic, containing no BPA, phthalates, PVC, lead or latex. It comes in a drawstring pouch, and is available in a number of colours. It would also make a great gift idea for a new parent.

HeartString Companion was created by a mum, Pierrette A. d’Entremont and this is her story......

One day, with two growing children, I noticed that my daughter, with Tourette’s Syndrome and sensory issues, very much appreciated a clay heart pendant I had made for her teething sister. Maybe it should be noted that my university background is in health sciences, but I also am a jeweler (my creative side I guess). As I watched, it struck me that my 3 year old could chew and fidget discreetly while my nursing infant could tug and teeth to her hearts’ content. After a few comments from parents, phone calls to child healthcare professionals and fruitless product searches, I realized that other parents were looking for such accessories, especially for their special needs children.

This began our journey. It was 2006 and the road ahead would be long with many challenges we’d need to overcome. As a mother, I wanted to see my children happy. Part of having a happy special needs youth is having one that functions well at school, at play and especially, as best she can with her peers. With time, needing to belong to her peer group would become more and more important. That meant creating something that was chewable and tuggable while still being “cool” enough to blend in. Finally, we had a solution….a durable, colourful, non-toxic pendant that was safe to chew on…something that could help any child be him/herself, anytime, anywhere. We called it the HeartString Baby/Kid Companion.

Years of research and development went into making this a product we could truly be proud of, from finding materials for the design idea to testing prototypes and final parts. Since our products are developed for infant use, we wanted FDA approved, North American sourced/made and socially responsible materials. THAT was a tall order, but we did it! We have followed ASTM standards and have passed the new (and future) CPSIA 3rd party testing. We have our 3rd Party Certificate documenting the safety standards met. We even keep a record of all MSDS certificates from our suppliers.

In the end, we learned a lot. From injection molding, to lab testing, to exporting and distribution channels… logistics, FDA and marketing. Our business skills are becoming honed and our knowledge of the maternity/paternity and infant market is increasing daily. With the many legal and marketing loopholes we encounter, we see how important it is, that companies like ours press on with their values.

Ultimately we had one goal in mind for the time-strapped parent: In a world of increasing uncertainty about children product safety, The Kid’s Companion would give parents peace of mind.

•A custom breakaway clasp will release and can be re-attached with ease - a feature that guards against strangulation, even at play.

•18” or 20″ necklaces (lanyards) are made with durable and washable rayon/cotton that is dyed with safe non-toxic dyes.

•Pendants all pass small parts test and are actually around 2” to eliminate any possibility of choking

•Pendant and clasp materials are medical grade, BPA/phthalates free, Lead free, Latex free and Cadmium free.

•Everything can be washed!! (Pendants are even dishwasher safe).

Even more important…we discovered a way to help a child whose special needs might easily set them apart… find a way to fit in. For my daughter…for other children…we are making a difference…

Heartstring Baby & Kids Companion are now available exclusively from Petit.  Please contact us for wholesale prices.

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