Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yunginz and Agoo are Warming up Winter!!!!

Yunginz and Agoo have joined forces this season and came up with a promotional offering that will definitely warm up Winter for parents and their kids - two brands that compliment each other very nicely.

With the colder months ahead a promotional partnership between these two Australian businesses is just what's needed in order for parents to keep their kids warm, comfy and looking funky for the Winter.

Parents simply purchase any pair of Yunginz shoes with a minimum value of $49.95, and they receive a FREE pair of Agoo Bamboo Leg Warmers (from a selected range, with an average RRP of $14.99).

This promotion will run right through the entire winter season.

Yunginz and Agoo are dedicated to bringing the latest in funky fashion for kids on an ongoing basis.

If you would like more information on this promotion or on Yunginz and Agoo please contact the undermentioned.

Jenny Celebrin - Yunginz - 0412 622 470 -
Alison Covington - Agoo - 0419 423 097 -

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