Wednesday, June 9, 2010

{Welcome} Lil Jewel's Boutique

Another great new boutique has become a stockist of Petit.  Lil Jewel's Boutique in Burbank, CA, USA now stock our Little Linens clothing for boys!

Lil Jewel is a children’s boutique that gives a new name for high fashion for kids.  The motto of this store is, "We Bring You the Latest Trends for the Lil Jewel in Your Life.”   If you need custom clothes for your kids, Lil Jewel can assist you with that and whatever else you may need for a newborn.

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charmaine said...

hi Petit!

thank you so much for the happy birthday wish. you are too sweet! it's always nice hearing from you. i have to check this new place out. Burbank is only 10 minutes from where i am. thanks for the information. have a lovely weekend and thanks again! :)

God Bless,