Wednesday, November 3, 2010

{Announcement} Knuckleheads Clothing

We are excited to announce another great brand that we will now be distributing excusively in Australia and New Zealand - Knuckleheads clothing for boys from ages 0m to 16yrs!!

In a market that is notoriously limited for boys clothing, Knuckleheads has created a line that mums and kids will love, and dads will envy. Founded in 2004 Knuckleheads Clothing caters to parents who are looking for something different than the standard sweaters and khakis typical of the boys clothing market. A traditional family business, Knuckleheads focus on quality clothing and current styles is responsible for their tremendous success.

Knuckleheads is a brand that is growing fast, and that is by no mistake. The clothing speaks for it's self and attracts the new and trendy parent who is tired of preppy or boring clothing for boys.

"Knuckleheads is the missing piece of the puzzle", says Melissa Nash, owner/designer of Knuckleheads -  "Customers have been waiting for an all boys line like ours and we are happy to give it to them!"

Knuckleheads Clothing is also favoured by many celebrity mums for their little (and big) boys. Kourtney Kardashion's son Mason is often seen wearing Knuckleheads latest styles, along with Ashlee Simpson Wentz's son, Bronx, Sandra Bullocks little boy - just to name a few.

The creators of Knuckleheads Inc, have also designed a girl's version of their popular boys line, after many requests for a girls line of clothing. Inspired by vintage patterns and the nostalgia of rockabilly, swing and glamorous Hollywood. Hula Mula fashionably caters to girls ages 0m to 14yrs, with exceptional price points, and high quality styles to choose from.

We are now taking orders for Summer 2011.  If you are interested in a wholesale catalogue please contact us.

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