Thursday, May 5, 2011

{Magazine} Paper Runaway

"Paper Runway where passion meets paper"

Paper Runway is a quarterly magazine that offers you a mix of paper goodness, trends, news, fabulous features, beautiful paper, party inspirations, features about the hottest paper sculptors, artists, illustrators, creators and cute, stylish and quick diy projects with which to "impress-your-friends".

Each issue will be packed with pages of inspiring images, easy diy projects, the hottest products in the stores, ideas and projects that are affordable, stylish, practical and pretty, and caters for anyone looking to add a personal touch.

Paper Runway is ageless, ambitious, creative, subtle and a mix of bold-funky-so-now pieces, which provides a wonderful platform for you to cosy up with a beautiful letter set and pen your loved one hello...

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Tina Kent - Lady Chatterley's Affair said...

Oh wow!! Awesome magazine! Great post, so glad I found it on your blog. Thanks for introducing us! LovT