Thursday, May 17, 2012

[New Products] Magical Play Tents

What child wouldn't light up at the sight of these magical play tents in their back-yard, play-room or bedroom? 

Inspire your children's imaginations and encourage some goof old-fashioned fun and games - treat them to the perfect gift that will be re-used year after year! 

These gorgeous play houses are made to last, bright and bold, and beautifully detailed. And throughout the winter months these play houses work just as well indoors. 

Create a fire station bedroom for your little man, or a toy shop playroom for them all to enjoy! Whether they're into boats or butterflies, fairies or fire engines, you're bound to find the perfect play house for your little ones (or big ones)!

Handcrafted of premium-quality quilted 100% cotton, these superbly detailed play tents feature colourful appliqués and embroidery.

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