Thursday, August 9, 2012

[New Products] Fairytale Nursery Furniture

Inspire your little ones with furniture they can enjoy as part of play. Our hand-crafted furniture appeals to their sense of excitement and fun.  Our fairytale nursery furniture will create truly special bedroom or playroom.  

Each piece is carefully carved and painted by hand, with the kind of quality finish that’s hard to match. 

The Fairytale Nursery Collection aim to bring the fairytale off the pages of their favourite storybooks and onto practical but fun furniture. The quality we guarantee makes each piece something to treasure and keep in the family for a long time to come.

Magic Garden

Take them on a journey to discover a secret world at the bottom of the garden, where animals and plants come to life through sheer magic.  Charming frog-princes and friendly butterfly designs are hand-carved and painted onto each whimsical piece of furniture. Durable and tough, yet pretty and delicate, pieces from our Magic Garden collection are a delight for both parent and child.


Whizzing cars, big trucks and speedy trains allow your child to immerse themselves in all things transport and travel with our Transport collection. Children love to play grown-ups and pretend to drive vehicles, as we’re sure you’ve noticed! Now they can enjoy a fun safe setting to push those toy cars and vehicles around without a care in the world. Our unique designs are fun, fast and playful, perfect for your little motorist who can’t wait to get their wheels. Whether they want to be a train conductor or truck driver, drive cars or fly helicopters, stir their imagination with sturdy, durable furniture, finished to the highest quality to enhance playtime.

Princess Collection

Let them live the fairytale in a land of princes and princesses, dragons, knights of the round table and happy ever-afters.  Delicately hand-painted furniture designs fill your child’s bedroom with wonder and the classic children’s stories that will be remembered for a lifetime.T  he enchanting Princess collection will inspire your child and create a bedroom or playroom that they love as much as the characters in their favourite bedtime stories.

Let them set up home in the enchanted forest. Detailed cooker with tree utensil hooks, washing machine with sink and flower clock and two story fridge unit.

Sail the seven seas with our life-sized pirate ship. Comes with flag, steering wheel, sword, scope, and hat to simulate a choppy ocean!

Christmas is just around the corner and these would make great gifts for a special little girl or boy!

All of the above products are now available for purchase from 
and we also accept lay-by.

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