Thursday, January 15, 2009

My School Days

Searching for a system to store prized school mementos?
Do you want a simple journal to record childhood experiences and dreams?

Look no further, My School Days a Record Book is designed for the Australian school system from the first year of school (prep, kindergarten or reception) to Year 12.

Simple, fun prompts to record memories like favourite subjects, TV Shows and friends.

The pages form pockets for each year level to store artwork, stories, photos and report cards.

Milestone Press is a family owned and operated company that started after a fruitless search for the perfect baby book. Frustrated by books that were filled with photos of other people's babies, or illustrated with cartoon characters - they created their own, "A Book About Me". Following on from this success, they have since added "My School Days: A Record Book."

Milestone Press is offering 10% off RRP on all orders of the "My School Days" Book.


The Muse said...

I wonder...what is the actual differences Chriss? As far as the design for two nations school systems? :)

petit said...

Probably not that much difference, Muse, maybe the holidays and dates might be different.

The Muse said...

LOL true enough about the holidays :)

Love the colors and graphics they use!