Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Sewing Fairy

Everyone’s own name is special, but for a child their name is precious. In this day of giving our children unique and wonderful names, it is often a challenge finding those special personalised gifts. Especially if you have unique spelling.

The Sewing Fairy is able to put any name in any language onto any of their varied items. Have a look at their range of Library Totes and Art Smocks.

All kids love borrowing books from the library whether it is your local public library or their school library. Why not give them a groovy personalised library tote to carry their books in? They have 2 styles of totes to choose from, you can have the one with the handles or have one with a draw string. Totes are fully waterproof lined & made from sturdy drill fabric in a rainbow of colours. Choose from pink, purple, blue green, yellow, red, orange & black. They can also make the colour scheme of your child's school.

Another great personalised product is the Art Smock. Kids love to create unique artwork masterpieces & they love getting messy in the process. The Personalised Art Smocks, complete with paint splats on the sleeve, can help to tame that mess but won't tame their creativity.
Made from sturdy cotton drill fabric, they have velcro closure on the back, elastic cuffed & a handy pocket on the front which is where their name is also embroidered.

They have also released a new product called Memory Stick holders* these are so handy to have on hand and have been a hit. These are also at an introudctory price of $6 each for the next 2 weeks. These are a great item for kids in highschool to store their memory sticks.

To help with the cost of sending the kids back to school The Sewing Fairy has the Library Totes and our Art Smocks on special for the next 2 weeks only. Also if you subscribe to their newsletter if you order both a library bag & an art smock you will receive a FREE memory stick holder. All you need to do is place your order & The Sewing Fairy will contact you regarding which design or name you would like on your FREE ITEM.

* Memory Sticks do not come with key ring


The Muse said...

HEY these are neat...
Names again (cool beans)! And for every age :)

Like those stick holders!

LisaLisa said... cute! This is a must have item :)

White Iris Designs said...

Nice holder for your computer sticks!!

Snowberry Creek said...

Just dropped in to say hi.I like the library totes. Nice gift idea. Those stick holders should be make your sticks easier to locate. lol

KellyKim said...

Aww! They're so lovely!!
I love your new blog look!!
So natural feel & fabulous!!