Thursday, July 15, 2010

{Promotion} It's in the Stars!!!

Give them a fun, personalised keepsake they'll love!

Are you into horoscopes?  Do you constantly read what the stars say about you or what day you are going to have?  Then this great business "It's in the Stars" is just for you!

Since 2005, It's In The Stars has delighted parents with its insightful luxury hardcover children's astrology reports.  First introduced to astrology by her grandmother when she was 12 years old, at 15, Elizabeth Ball was casting horoscopes for her friends who wanted to know if they were compatible with the boys they liked! At 23 she began a three-year stint of writing the monthly horoscope column for The Nippon View magazine for ex-pats in Japan. While working full-time in the publishing and marketing industries, she continued to do charts for friends and families – and write astrology-related articles – never considering it was possible to turn her passion for astrology into a business.
Elizabeth created a beautiful compatibility report for a friend who was getting married, and after people kept raving about it and the reports she'd also made for their children, realised that personalised astrology reports would make wonderful gifts for a range of gift-giving occasions.
BabyStars: the unique keepsake gift for parents!

BabyStars is an exciting and unique gift idea for birthdays, christenings, new babies and Mother's Day. This amazingly accurate, beautifully designed, easy to follow astrological "instruction manual" helps you understand your children better.

If you've ever wondered what your child might be like when he or she grows up, find out with BabyStars!

Discover your child's unique personality and potential. When your child is born, it is the planets which create their unique personality, but it is you and your family who shape your child's destiny. Provide the guidance and encouragement your child needs with the fascinating insights of a BabyStars report. You don't need to know anything about astrology to see how accurate your BabyStars report is!

Find out:

* How will they cope with school?
* What might they want to be when they grow up?
* How will they behave at home, with your family?
* Will they find it easy to make friends?
* What will they be good at? Shy or insecure about?
* What areas will you need to provide your guiding hand?
You'll love curling up reading the fun, fascinating and spot-on insights about your child in your 45-50 page BabyStars report.

If you need a last-minute baby gift or you want to know everything about your child right now - you'll gain instant understanding with an emailed BabyStars report!

A BabyStars emailed report is ideal for "Oops! I forgot to get them a present!" situations or when you just want to read about your child to get instant insights. Within 5 minutes your emailed report will give you a much clearer understanding about your child, along with amazingly accurate insights you can use right away.
Visit "It's in the Stars" and take part of their survey and receive a $20 gift certificate code towards a BabyStars or LoveStars astrology report just by doing a little survey they have on gift baskets!

So have you read your stars today????

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