Thursday, July 15, 2010

{Review} Petit Enfant Massage Gel

Our Petit Enfant Massage Gel has had some great reviews on Bizziebaby site.  What is even better is that the Massage Gel was reviewed by real mums on their babies and a 4/5 rating is not too bad at all!!

This is what they had to say -

*  Product Tested By Amy Bloyd - Russell Aged 4 Years
When this arrived it looked like it was from a classy shop. Lovely packaging. The massage oil seemed a little sticky at first but dried beautifuly. When applied was absorbed quickly. Certainly had a lovely smell and did not cause Russell to have any allergic reactions and did not irritate the skin. I certainly found this massge oil great for dry skin, and enjoyed using as massage oil as comforting for Russell. I used this massage oil once a week and really loved it. A product I will certainly keep on using. This is a nice smelling oil and when absorbed into the skin leaves a lovely smell, perfect to put on after bathing Russell. Amy Bloyd - Russell Aged 4 Years

Amy Awarded The Petit Enfant Massage Gel 4/5

*  Product Tested By Miryam Gutierrez - Baby Jazmin 10 Months
This is a beautifully packaged massage oil and the dispenser on the bottle is very easy to use. The oil is easily absorbed into the skin when applied and dries quickly. When using the oil on Jazmin would leave her smelling lovely. This massage oil is soft and gentle on Jazmin and never caused any reaction or irritation. Was a great massage oil to use and kept Jazmin's dry skin under control. Would use this oil weekly and helped to keep Jazmin's skin soft and smooth. This is a Quality product, superb value for money and I will be purchasing more. Loved it and have told lots of friends about the Petit range. Miryam Gutierrez - Baby Jazmin 10 Months

Miryam Awarded The Petit Enfant Massage Gel 4/5

* Product Tested By Angela Dalgleish - Ethan Aged 1 Year
First impression very nice product and probably something I would not have purchased myself. A treat. Packaging was very pleasant and was very easy to use even when your hands were oily. Very easy to apply and spread really evenly. I did find it would take a while to absorb at first, but may have put too much on first time. It had a really pleasant smell, not too overpowering. This was a very effective gel and would leave Ethan's skin feeling a lot softer. Ethan does suffer from Excema occasionally and we used this every day for two weeks and it was great. Very rich and good quality oil. A lovely product and an ideal gift. It was delicate, smooth and made Ethan's skin softer and did not irritate at all. Angela Dalgleish - Ethan Aged 1 Year

Angela Awarded The Petit Enfant Massage Gel 4/5

Thank you to Bizziebaby for conducting the review on our Petit Enfant Massage Gel and to the mums who gave our product great reviews!


[Please note:  On the Bizziebaby site the price for our Petit Enfant Massage Gel is $15.98 this is an error it is $11.99]

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